Our Books

Lehman,  R. M., & Conceição, S. C. O. (2014). Motivating and Retaining  Online Students: Research-Based Strategies That Work. San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass.

Conceição,  S. C., & Lehman, R. M. (2011). Managing Online Instructor Workload:  Strategies for Finding Balance and Success. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Lehman,  R. M., & Conceição, S. C. (2010). Creating a Sense of Presence in  Online Teaching: How to ‘Be There’ for Distance Learners. San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass.

Presence book is on the list of 48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read

Book Endorsements

Jim Flowers, Professor & Director of Online Education, Ball State University

“I just read  the new book you wrote on Managing Online Instructor Workload as I was  in the process of running a community of interest here at Ball State  University on “Saving Time in Online Teaching.” I thought your book was  great. At first, I didn’t expect to see so much anecdotal information in  it, but now that I think about it, this was a stroke of genius because  it allows us to see the techniques contextualized.” 

Kathleen P. King, EdD, Professor of Higher Education

“Managing Online Instructor Workload breaks the pattern of prior  distance learning books with its research-based orientation by including  a broad range of experience. Readers will enjoy discovering they are  not alone in coping with online instruction, but will also be surprised  that the volume provides realistic strategies to address those  challenges. Rather than attempt to discuss everything about online  learning, Conceição and Lehman honed in on this pervasive issue. The  result? A valuable resource to encourage greater faculty persistence and  adoption.”

Johannes Britz, Provost and Vice Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“At a time of rapid growth in online programs, Managing Online  Instructor Workload is an indispensable resource for faculty and  administrators who seek to ensure high quality learning experiences for  students and faculty satisfaction in maintaining work-life balance.”

Jonathan Finkelstein author, Learning in Real Time; Founder and Executive Producer, LearningTimes

“As Conceição and Lehman know better than anyone, "being there" for your  online learners is one key to course and student success. But for many,  creating such a sense of presence can come at a price -- measured in  time, workload and quality of life. In this important book, the authors  bring us comfort by way of much-needed strategies on how to design and  facilitate online courses that don't draw the life out of us while we  are trying to breathe life into online learning.”

Rita-Marie Conrad, Ph.D. Online Educator and Author

“This is a must-read for all online instructors who strive not only to  provide a high-quality learning experience for their students but also  maintain a quality life of their own!”

Curtis J. Bonk, Professor Indiana University

“Do you teach online? Do you need sleep? Here is the first book that I  know of that will allow you to do both. With the emergence of blended  and fully online learning, we are all being pushed to new territories  with unknown workloads, requirements, and needs. Managing Online  Instructor Workload is that special response we have been waiting for…no  more endless hours wasted online attempting to be an effective  instructor.”